8 Best Ping Pong Table Reviews & Top Rated Ping Pong Tables

Ping pong is a great game that helps us increase concentration, reflexes and have little fun while doing that. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy playing as the recreational player with loved ones and friends, or you want to become next champion, purchasing ping pong table is the first step towards your goal.

There are different types of table tennis tables that you can find on the market. We conducted a thorough list of outdoor and indoor, expensive and affordable tables so that you can make a quality purchase.

That is the main reason why we decided to present you best ping pong table review & buying guide 2018.

Short Reviews of 8 Best Ping Pong Tables

1. Killerspin Revolution

Killerspin Revolution Ping Pong Table

Killerspin Revolution, Review Score: 10

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  • Speed: 96
  • Spin: 94
  • Control: 90

  • Not for recreational use
  • Expensive

If you want to purchase beautifully designed and high-end ping pong table, you should consider Killerspin Revolution table tennis table. The first thing that we want to mention is premium 22mm MDF table top that contains an aluminum base for additional stability. It also comprises heavy-duty steel frame that will stand the test of time.

It is important to say that you will get particular glare that will reduce the coating, which means that it is defiant to ball marks. It comes with Killerspin Apex net.

Due to its excellent table-top, you will get a high bounce that will help you improve the game. It is serious table perfect for the intermediate player that wants to become professionals.If you want to enjoy in casual play and looking for some fun, we recommend you to choose a different table. It is a table for serious training exercise so that you can improve your authentic style.

When it comes to design, you will get elegant and beautiful best ping pong table. Undercarriage contains aluminum paneling that will provide you additional stability. The frame is durable and can withstand consistent bounce.

The Killerspin Apex net in combination with steel post system is the high-end solution that will clamp the table into two halves. You don’t have to worry because tension is perfect because you can adjust it to your preferences.

2. Killerspin MyT-O

Killerspin MyT-O Ping Pong Table

Killerspin MyT-O, Review Score: 9.8

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  • checkSimple to assemble
  • checkDurable design
  • checkLeg levelers and durable wheels
  • checkCompact to store
  • checkDecent bounce in any weather condition

  • Net is not that good
  • exclamation-triangleExpensive when compared with other ping pong tables

If you want to choose affordable and decent best ping pong table, you should consider Killerspin MyT-O table tennis table. It is famous due to its affordable and budget-friendly price. It features aluminum plastic blend tabletop so that you can get the durable surface in all weather conditions.It doesn’t matter if you play it indoors or outdoors because it is durable and has excellent construction. It includes 1 2/5″ steel frame design that will provide you a combination of durability, sturdiness, and stability. It holds up high in any weather condition.

It has adjustable steel legs and 1 1/4 inch high. The aluminum plastic top is waterproof, and it can handle extreme sun, snow, and water. The design is minimalistic and essential so that you can quickly assemble it. According to users, you will need only 15 minutes to assemble it fully.

This particular ping pong table contains highly durable 3 casters along with premium wheels that include individual locks so that you can maneuver it easily. It runs smoothly on most patios, decks and even carpets. However, wheels are too small for rolling on the grass, but you can do it if you push little harder.

You can fold it safely into two parts, which is great because you will be able to store it without hassle. Just remove the net post and net, and fold each side individually. It has safety locks so that you can store it easily.

3. Cornilleau 500M Crossover

Cornilleau 500M Crossover Ping Pong Table

Cornilleau 500M Crossover, Review Score: 9.7

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  • checkSolid steel frame
  • checkAdjustable net
  • checkSuper bounce
  • check7mm thickness

  • Expensive
  • exclamation-triangleThe height of the legs cannot be adjusted for an uneven surface.

Cornilleau 500M crossover table tennis table is one of the best outdoor ping pong tables on the market. In most cases, Cornilleau develops luxury ping pong tables with elegant design and high-quality materials.

This particular table is an excellent piece for your home. You will be able to set it up in a matter of minutes and store it away without using too much space. The best thing about it is an elegant and luxury design that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor playing.

You can choose two different color table-tops. One comes in gray and other in blue color and contains DSI technology undercarriage. This particular locking system is a unique feature that only comes with Cornilleau ping pong tables. It is a convenient release handle so that you can fold it in a matter of seconds.

The MATTOP surface will prevent the reflection from the sun, which is an excellent feature if you play outdoors.  It has a solid steel frame for additional stability and support. The structure includes two brakes on the wheels for prevention of moving while playing.

Feet are also adjustable, which is great if you play on the uneven surface. The table is 62-inches high, similar to any other professional ping pong table.

4. JOOLA Inside 15mm

JOOLA Inside 15mm Ping Pong Table

JOOLA Inside 15mm, Review Score: 9.6

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  • checkAffordable
  • checkLightweight
  • checkSimple to transport
  • checkPerfect for recreational use
  • check1.5 diameter steel legs for additional stability

  • It is not for professional players.
  • exclamation-triangleYou won’t get protection from water and immersive heat.

If you want to purchase merely to fold, sturdy and affordable best ping pong table, you should select JOOLA Inside ping pong table.

The first thing that we will mention is that it contains 15mm playing surface top as well as separate folding halves that will allow you to setup it quickly. It includes a powder-coated metal frame with 1.5 diameter steel legs that contains a stabilizer for additional stability on uneven surfaces.

Even though the manufacturer praises its materials, we see 15mm thickness as its weakness. This is thin when we compare it with other ping pong tables on the market. Therefore, you will get the lower bouncy height and a slower game. The overall thickness for excellent ping-pong game should be at least 25mm.

However, if you want to purchase ping pong table for occasional, recreational table tennis to enjoy with friends and have fun, this is the perfect table for you. However, it is not for people who want to become professional players, because it is not thick enough to help you improve the game.

It weighs only 189 pounds, which makes it lightweight when compared with other table tennis tables. Therefore, you will get more comfortable and quicker mobility. Due to 1.5-inch steel diameter legs, you will get extra support. You can transport a rustproof and versatile table without hassle.

5. Stiga Outdoor – Vapor

Stiga Outdoor Vapor Ping Pong Table

Stiga Outdoor – Vapor, Review Score: 9.5

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  • checkRust resistant
  • checkAnti-tilt quality
  • checkWeatherproof
  • checkTough and sturdy
  • checkSteel leg levers

  • You have to maintain it regularly
  • exclamation-triangleThis product will shift only within the United States.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner that wants to play ping pong professionally, or you just need a table for recreational use, because Stiga Outdoor Vapor ping pong table is the best solution for you.

If you have a limited budget, then Vapor ping pong table is the excellent option. It has decent quality in combination with affordable price. The best thing about it is that you will get ITTF approved table so that you can improve your gameplay on the professional level table.

You don’t have to assemble it from the small parts, like other ping pong tables on the market. It is already pre-assembled, and you just have to place pieces that are more prominent together. That won’t waste energy on you, and it will last approximately 10 minutes.

You will get 29.92 inches in height and 107.87-inches in length and 60-inches in width table tennis table that has playback dimension of 28 x 60 x 62-inches. The overall weight is approximately 140 pounds, which makes it lightweight when compared with other ping pong tables.

It has the anti-tilt quality, so you will always get a quality bounce, no matter the weather. You can also catch the ball without extra effort, which is much better than traditional outdoor ping pong tables.

Due to outdoor features, it is weatherproof because of the aluminum-plastic top and completely rusts free.


JOOLA NOVA DX Ping Pong Table

JOOLA NOVA DX, Review Score: 9.4

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  • checkWeather resistant
  • checkRustproof
  • checkAffordable
  • checkSimple to install and fold
  • checkHeavy-duty materials for additional stability

  • Not entirely scratch proof
  • exclamation-triangleNet is flimsy

If you want to consider an outdoor ping pong table that has similar design and performance ratings as professional ones, you should choose Joola Nova DX outdoor table tennis table. When we compare it with other ping pong tables, you will get the budget-friendly price tag. That is the main reason for its immersive popularity among recreational players.

It includes 6mm aluminum table top that will prevent warping. It comes from heavy-duty materials that will provide you stability and avoid wearing any weather condition. You can easily store it due to its compact features.

The main problem with this particular ping pong table is the thin tabletop that comes from the aluminum composite. You will get a lousy bounce on this table, which is the disadvantage that we all agree. However, it can easily withstand weather elements as well as humidity and heat.

You just have to leave it in the yard without warping it up, and it won’t be damaged in the process. On the tabletop, you will get thick apron that will prevent warping and damage. It also includes heavy-duty steel legs that have leveling features on uneven surfaces. Wheels are also weather resistant and rustproof.

7. JOOLA 15mm Tour 1500 Indoor

JOOLA 15mm Tour 1500 Ping Pong Table

JOOLA 15mm Tour 1500 Indoor, Review Score: 9.3

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  • checkPerfect for bouncy games
  • checkIt includes lockable wheels
  • checkIt weighs 198 pounds, which is light for indoor ping pong tables
  • checkIt contains a net with easy screw locks and post that you have to attach to the table

  • Low-quality Net
  • exclamation-triangleYou won’t get paddles and balls within a package

If you want to purchase functional tennis table, you should consider Joola 15mm Tour 1500 indoor table tennis table.

It is the perfect solution for everyone who wants to become a professional player because it will help you improve the gameplay. It has high bounce, which means that you will get excellent value for money.

It includes 15mm tabletop so that you can enjoy in decent bounce. It also comes from high-quality materials that will stand the test of time in your home.

It is affordable when we compare it with other ping pong tables on the market. You don’t have to spend so much, and you will still get the decent table that will improve your style.

It supports sturdy undercarriage that contains durable metal. You will be able to fold it in a matter of seconds. It includes quality wheels that will help you push the table into the storage space.

It includes white lines that will mark dividing lines so you will be able to play doubles without any additional problem. Even though it is indoor best ping pong table, it is lightweight, and you will be able to move it without too much hassle.

You can fold it in a matter of minutes by a lever that is transparent on the side. It is also great because you will be able to wrap only one side so that you can play with yourself. This is an excellent way to practice until you purchase ping pong robot.

8. Cornilleau 250S Crossover

Cornilleau 250S Crossover Ping Pong Table

Cornilleau 250S Crossover, Review Score: 9.1

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  • checkWeatherproof surface
  • check10-year warranty
  • checkIt includes fixed polyester net
  • check32mm thick wheels for extra durability
  • checkLighter than other ping pong tables on the market

  • 5mm is a thin tabletop layer
  • exclamation-triangleDoesn’t have corner protection

It is difficult to find reliable and quality outdoor table tennis table that will provide you a great game.

That is why you should choose Cornilleau 250S Crossover ping pong table. It is the French brand that started back in 1946, and since then they became one of the most prominent manufacturers in the world of table tennis.

It is middle-range table perfect for communities and families that want to choose a durable table that can withstand weather elements.

It contains weatherproofed table top with SOFT MAT 5mm special laminate that will reduce glare reduction (3x). In case that you live in areas with a sunny climate, you won’t notice the glare similar to other outdoor tables.

The best thing about it is that you will be able to enjoy in 10-year warranty, which is the primary proof that this particular table will last for generations. It includes attractive and durable tabletop that looks amazing in any weather. Of course, you can also use it for indoor use, which means that you will get two tables for the price of one.

It weighs 141 lbs, which is lightweight when we compare it with other ping pong tables. The frame height is 40mm for additional convenience. It contains substantial steel frame that can resist any outdoor element. You will be able to adjust legs with screws on the bottom so that you can play on uneven surfaces.

Things to Consider When Buying Best Ping Pong Table

Playing table tennis is funny and exciting especially if you do it with a friend or family members. However, after a while, you get used to going and paying for hourly play in the mail or gaming shop. The next level in becoming a better player is choosing ping pong table.

However, it is difficult to choose the best one, especially if you don’t know where to start. That is the main reason why we wanted to present you things to consider when buying best ping pong table:

Portability – You should check the available space that you have so that you can play without too much hassle. It doesn’t’ matter if you want outdoor or indoor because the idea is to consider whether you want to leave it permanently in one place or store it after each use. If you want to take it down frequently, find the simple to assemble ping pong table. There are different fold-up models that you can easily handle without anyone’s help.

Thickness – Most people think that thickness of tabletops is the most important. Therefore, you should choose at least 1-inch thick tops for better bounce effect.

Legs – You have to make sure that ping pong table has strong supports and legs. When you purchase table tennis table, you should have in mind that you will use it consistently for years. Therefore, you have to choose pins that can withstand that kind of impact and beating. Check also if the table has leg levelers at their bottom. This is useful when you play on uneven surfaces, outside.

Leveling – Check if tabletops have the same height on all sides of the table. Check for any bending that could affect the bounce of the ball.


We have presented you thorough reviews and buying a guide to best ping pong table on the market. There are numerous solutions available on the market, and everything depends on your preferences and ambitions.

In case that you want to play seriously and professionally, you should check a table that passes the ITTF standards. On the other hand, for recreational use, you should choose based on whether you want to play inside or outside. The difference is in material and durability.

If you have any question about ping pong tables, or you had any prior experience with them, feel free to share with us your thoughts in the section below.