TOP 5 Best Mini Ping Pong Table

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Narrow spaces cannot prevent you from enjoying some table tennis matches with your family and friends because we will introduce you to the best mini ping pong table options right below!

Moreover, a mini ping pong table is also recommended for juniors to practice their first lessons of table tennis right at home before switching to professional game tables.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table


  • Trusted portable table tennis tables brand
  • Lightweight and compact table
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for storage
  • A full game set that is ready to use out of the box


  • Not as bouncing as expected
  • Average-quality net
  • Limited color

The first product we want to introduce is a mid-size ping pong table from JOOLA.

The table is as high as a regulation table, yet other sizes are two-thirds, which is 72 inches large x 36 inches wide x 30 inches high. At this rate, adults and teenagers can play table tennis with comfort. Meanwhile, the shorter length and width makes it easier to fit in small rooms.

Accordingly, it is recommended to leave a clear 5ft space – about 60 inches on each side of the table. Thus, you need at least an area of 130 inches long x 90 inches wide to expand the JOOLA Midsize table and start playing. Besides, you can even use this mini table tennis table to play some family board games like poker or crafts.

Believe us, both assemble and disassemble are hassle-free. The table comes almost ready-to-use straight from the box at compact dimensions of 36 inches x 36 inches. All you need is to unfold the two legs underneath, put on the clamps to the two tops, and set up the net.

Similarly, when not in use, the JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table is foldable in a few inches, making it easier to store in a closet or under your bed. The overall weight is only 62 lbs, meaning you can handle the table all by yourself.

About the legs, please note that they are unremovable and also without wheels, but rest assured that the table is quite lightweight and compact to move around. Moreover, you should not use this Joola Midsize table outdoor because the legs are reported to be easily rusted.

Like other Joola compact table tennis tables, the midsize ping pong set comprises a custom-sized Joola club net whose dimension is 60 inches x 3 inches x 6 inches. It meets the size of standard tables.

Moreover, we are highly impressed with the round-the-net shots for adjusting the dimension to fit all tennis tables with 2-inch metal net posts and screw-on clamps. The medium-density fibreboard fabric is appropriate for the price but not durable. It often breaks after two months of use or so, yet the replacement is inexpensive.

Apart from the average net, the color is also limited. Only blue is available. Fortunately, it is a lovely calming color suitable to place in any room.

All in all, the features of Joola midsize compact table tennis are well-worth buying at such an affordable price. Not to mention, Joola is a reliable table tennis brand that has been trusted for over 60 years.

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2. STIGA Space Saver Compact

STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Table

STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Table


  • Almost no assembly required
  • Reasonable thick surface for a decent bounce
  • Sturdy and stylish frame with weld and covered legs
  • Heavy-duty net and durable posts included
  • Manufactured by a reliable sports brand


  • Expensive
  • Only one color available.

If the price is not your prioritized concern, but for the bounce or playing experience, the STIGA Space Saver Compact Folding Table is an alternative to the JOOLA since the MDF tabletop is as thick as 5/8 inches to improve the bouncing feature.

Stiga Space Saver is one of the Best Stiga Ping Pong Tables. This is a midsize compact ping pong table whose full sizes are 70 inches long x 40.5 inches wide x 30 inches high. Compared to regular tables, the Stiga is only two-thirds in length and width, but the regulation height remains the same. Thus, adults and children at ten can play comfortably with it.

As the dimensions of the Stiga table are similar to Joola, it will not occupy much space in your room. An area of 130×90 inches is enough to set up the table.

Plus, the table is pre-assembled with unfolded legs and two separate table halves. It is a bit heavier than the Joola Nova – around 79 lbs, yet still easy to carry around. When not in use, the table is packed down in haft to 35.5 inches long x 40.5 inches wide x 3.6 inches high.

Even better, the legs of this Space Saver compact table tennis table are made of the sturdy steel material and protected with a powder coating. As a result, the table is stylish and durable over time. Molded levers and rubber covers are included to give off a solid base while protecting the floors or rugs from ugly scratches.

Now mentioning the net, you will get the set of a 38.5-inch net and posts available. Made of nylon mesh, the net is durable and adjustable in tension and to the standard size. However, it will be better if the manufacturer improves the friction that holds the net firmly in place.

The color seems grayish blue that is easy on your eyes, and we do not recommend repainting the surface because it might affect the bouncing ability.

Like Joola, the reputation of Stiga sports equipment sells itself. This Swedish company has an over-70-year experience in the industry.

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3. GoSports 6’ x 3’ Midsize Table Tennis Table

GoSports 6’ x 3’ Midsize Table Tennis Table

GoSports 6’ x 3’ Midsize Table Tennis Table


  • Affordable for beginners
  • Ultra-lightweight and compact design
  • A full set of the table, net, paddles, and a pong ball set
  • Dedicated support and warranty


  • Fragile legs.
  • Low net.

What if you only play table tennis for fun and do not want to break a bank for a table like the Stiga? Well then, let’s check out this GoSports 6’ x 3’ Midsized Ping Pong Table. This table is one of the best outdoor ping pong tables

Since it is called the mid-size table, the GoSports is similar to the two mid-size versions above. To be specific, its dimensions are 6’ x 3’, equivalent to 72 inches x 36 inches and two-thirds of the standard versions. The height is regular at 30 inches – suitable for both adults and teenagers.

Again, spare at least 130 inches long x 90 inches wide to set up your games and enjoy a happy time with your family or friends.

Instant installation is what we can promise since you only need to expand the legs and place the table on a flat surface. At the end of the game, simply fold up the GoSports table and put it aside. The lightweight aluminum frame (close to 32.6 lbs) and compact dimensions (36x36x4 inches) make it easy for one person to carry.

Legs are the least to praise about the GoSports 6’ x 3’ Mid-Size Table. While the legs’ ends are covered with levers to avoid scratches, they are made of cheap material that easily bends halfway or even breaks. Thus, please be careful when you expand or fold the legs.

Excitingly, we find a set of accessories including a net set, 2 ping pong paddle accessories, and a table tennis ball set to make up for the disappointment with the legs.

This set means you can start a table tennis game right away. The net is not the most durable we can find in the market, yet still elastic. However, the height of the net is only 5 inches, which is a bit lower than the regular 6-inch nets.

Another point worth mentioning is the bright red color of the tabletop. While the green or blue is more common for ping pong tables, the red of the GoSports is less easy on the eyes, though.

To sum up, GoSports provides the right balance of price and features, making it one of the leading brands in terms of small ping pong table equipment. They back up their tables with US warranty so you can ask for an exchange or support if needed.

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4. Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table

Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table

Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table


  • Quality construction
  • Portable size and wheels
  • Sturdy frame and legs
  • Decent bounce
  • Two colors available
  • 3-year warranty


  • Bigger than other mini tables
  • Stiff legs

Although the Butterfly Junior Folding Ping Pong Table is built with juniors in mind, its size is slightly bigger than the three mentioned above – close to three-fourths of a full-size table. Specifically, the table is 81 inches long x 45 inches wide x 30 inches high. Hence, both adults and juniors can play table tennis together.

Consider the rule of thumb; as mentioned earlier, you had better spend an open space of 140×90 inches to move back and forth during the game quickly.

Similar to other mini ping pong tables, the Butterfly requires almost no assemble with tools due to the pre-assembled construction and foldable legs.

Regarding storage, you can simply disassemble two halves and transport/store them separately. Each is 35 lbs heavy and 5 inches wide. Two wheels attached to the sides of the tabletop even make the transportation much more manageable.

Speaking of the legs, some complaint that they look a bit flimsy. The legs turn out to be surprisingly strong. And although there are no wheels on the legs, they come with two rubber levers on each leg to prevent the rough contact of the table to the floor or rugs.

The net, which is as high as that of a regular ping pong table, is also a nice touch of the Butterfly Junior. That net is easily clipped onto the ping pong table top by using the post set coming along in the package. Also, it lasts longer than we expected at this price range.

As we mentioned to you earlier, the blue and green colors are most popular when it comes to ping pong tables. Fortunately, the Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table comes with both for you to choose flexibly.

If you still wonder about the quality of this table, you should know that Butterfly, so-called Tamasu, is a well-known Japanese brand working in the sports field for more than ten years. They are dedicated to supplying quality table tennis equipment.

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5. Milliard Mini-Pong Portable Tennis Table

Milliard Mini-Pong Portable Tennis Table

Milliard Mini-Pong Portable Tennis Table


  • All items are available to start the game
  • Portable and compact to store or bring around
  • Study and stable frame with quality legs and rubber feet
  • Excellently bounce of the playing space


  • Easy-to-scratch green colors
  • High price tag

Milliard Mini-Pong Portable Tennis Table is the last on the list, but not the least. Its size is also close to 71 1/4 inches long x 40 ½ inches wide x 30 inches high, meaning to be roughly two-thirds of the standard ping pong tables. Both adults and teenagers can expect excellent playing ping pong experiences and portable alternative to other tables above.

In addition to the table’s dimensions, you need to spare at least 60 inches on the two sides to move around with comfort. Thus, we recommend you prepare a space of 130×100 inches.

As can be seen, the Milliard table looks like the Butterfly one. In other words, there is almost no assembly required. When taken out of the box, the table is packed in two halves of 40.5×35.6×1.9 inches and 30lbs. Then, you just simply fold open the table and place it in the prepared space.

There are no wheels along with the reinforced steel legs, but fortunately, the rubber feet are added to prevent scratches on the floor.

The 40-inch net is available to be attached to the tabletop with two screwed posts. However, you should be careful not to wear the edge surface. We find that this duty-mesh net is much more durable than some ping pong nets above, and it is also wide enough to cover the two sides of the table.

The bright green color looks eye-catching, but it is more likely to draw the eyes of others on those ugly scratches. Thus, you should be careful not to wear the surface of the tabletop when folding, unfolding, or installing the net.

Compared to other brands, Milliard seems to be the youngest. However, they are still a popular and trustable family brand that has provided equipment for homes and offices for years. Hence, quality is what you can rely on Milliard.

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Last Verdict,

Above is the list of the best mini ping pong table provided by the top brands on the market. To sum up, they are quite similar in sizes and installing construction.

To wisely pick up a choice for your budget and requirement, you should look closer into these 3 factors – the bounce of the table surface, colors available, and the legs.

We hope the reviews on mini ping pong tables above can be of great help in making your buying decision easier. Let’s go shopping and enjoy your ping pong games!

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