Ping Pong Strategy For Beginners

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Table tennis is an indoor and popular sport. This can be considered a safe sport because the probability of having an injury is low. Summary of the strategy of table tennis for beginners:

  • Phase 1: Memorize table tennis rule and own basic equipment
  • Phase 2: Master the basic techniques and form your own style of play
  • Phase 3: Play in your own style and continue to promote

Memorize the rules of the game

Table tennis is an indoor sport with many complicated rules. Therefore, players need to master the rules of the game and play by the rules even in practice.

However, depending on the country that has its own rules. In general, the rules still follow the official rules from the ITTF.

What you need to master are the rules of serve and scoring. You can read the full ITTF regulations

Prepare the equipment

Table tennis is a sport with little equipment, but the more you play professionally, the more accessories that accompany this sport are much.

Ma Long even has a pair of shoes that are tailored to his foot size. Timo Boll is specially made by Butterfly for the paddle to suit his playing style.

Timo Boll & His Equipment
Timo Boll & His Equipment

In general, you don’t need to prepare too much equipment. The minimum equipment below I recommend:

  • Table tennis table: Absolutely. No need for a high-end desk to practice. What you need is a specified size and bounce desk. Other factors are considered such as the paint on the tabletop, the durability of the table legs, the ability to fold … if you need to research about the price issue.
  • Table tennis rackets: For beginners, a ping pong paddle that costs between $ 50 – $ 100 is good enough for you to practice. Don’t overthink the specs. Because for beginners, mastering the basic techniques is the most important thing.
  • Table tennis balls: Of course. The ITTF also has its own rules for the ball to be used in the game. However, what you need to consider most are size, weight, and bounce. Some balls meet the standard for size, weight, and bounce but do not meet the competition standards for color. You can choose these balls to practice, it will save you some money

In addition, you need to have enough space to practice. It could be in the garage, or a large enough room. Do not play table tennis outdoors if you are serious about practicing the sport. The wind will affect the path of the ping pong ball.

Another accessory that you should keep in mind is the shoe. Running shoes or sneakers should not be used to play this sport. Table tennis is an indoor sport, played on concrete, so table tennis shoes are also designed for this feature.

Can be mentioned: ping pong robot, table tennis racket case, and other accessories. But not necessary if you want to save

A coach

I do not encourage you to practice this sport yourself. An experienced player will help you master the basics, playing according to the rules of the sport.

Imagine this, you and your friends can play together without a coach. Since we watch football, we grasp the basic rules of football and the techniques. The rules of the game can be customized according to our own preferences. But for table tennis, there are very small techniques that are difficult to observe with the naked eye.

We need a guide on how to hold the paddle, how to serve, how to footwork. Things are not natural that we know. So the best way is to have a guide and help us avoid making mistakes.

After you have mastered the rules of the game and the basic techniques, that you are no longer a novice. You are an intermediate player, at which point you will form your own style of play. You can gradually learn about the types of blades and their advantages and disadvantages.

Not having to know too much in the first place is a good thing. Depending on the stage, we need to learn new lessons. To beginners, you need: basic equipment and a coach is what is most concise I can say. Don’t learn too much, they will delay you, make it difficult to get started

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