How To Set Up/Fold Up Any Ping Pong Table And Net

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Having a ping pong table in your house can be a real point of attraction for your family and friends. To enjoy all the benefits of this sport, however, you should know how to set up a ping pong table and fold it up as well. It could be rather easy especially if you bought a ping-pong table already made to fit the requirements. But even so, some precious aspects need to be considered to ease your task. Here are all the steps that you need to be aware of before starting to set up a ping-pong table.

Required Tools:

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Hammer
  • Ping-pong table parts
  • Ping-pong net

How to Set Up:

1. Clear the space that you need

Before you get into how to set up a ping pong table, you need to decide where you will set it up. To choose the perfect space that you need to consider the dimensions of your table and the space that the players need. The standard size of a ping pong table would be nine feet long, five feet wide and 2.5 feet high to which you add the additional space needed. And you might need even more if you are planning to put some chairs and maybe a mini bar which would make for an amazing entertaining room.

The space requirements might depend on the player to player, and you might not need as much as others. Simply go with what you feel comfortable with! After you picked the perfect space, you need to clear it and clean it. Get all the objects from the space and decide where you will place your ping pong table. Once the cleaning and clearing phase is done, you can get to work.

2. Open your package

If you ordered your table online or purchased it from a store near your house, you probably have a package in your hands. You will need to open the big box and take all the pieces out of it before deciding how to set it up. You might need the help of a friend to help you with it because the table itself can be quite heavy as soon as you take it out. Check to see if you are missing a piece or more before actually starting to put them together. If you have problems setting it up, you might need to call the manufacturer. But in general, ping pong tables are easy to figure out even for beginner players.

3. Put the pieces together

Once you got all your pieces out of the box, you can check the instructions to see how to put them together. If your table doesn’t come with certain instructions, you can use common sense to install it without having any issues. You have to attach the four legs to the table before looking at other details. Some table legs are T-shaped, and you can simply slide them under the table. You will have to slide them into the spot of the frame that is incorporated into the design of the table. Some legs are also created to point out at the players and not to the outside of the table. Look for such a pattern to be sure all the legs are where they should be.

setup ping pong table

4. Setup the ping pong net

When it comes to how to set up a ping pong table, maybe the most complex aspect to consider is the net. Most nets are extremely easy to install if you bought your ping pong table from a professional manufacturer. All you have to do is unfold the net and slide the metal sticks into the edges of it to keep it straight. Some sticks are made of plastic or even wood, but the material is not important when you are setting it up. Make sure the net is stretched correctly, and it is not hanging on any of its two sides. After you make sure the net stays fixed on the table, you can clean the entire set up and start playing.

etup the ping pong net


If you built up your ping pong table, the chances are that you will not be doing a lot of set up. You can simply place your table into your space and get creative with accessories. However, even if you made your ping pong table, you have to make sure you respect the game are requirements, so you have a great experience playing it. You can use your imagination and originality when it comes to the design of it but not for the standard size and markings. Also known as the table tennis game, ping pong can be played by people of all ages and still enjoyed. It is one of those games that never gets old and can transform an ordinary evening into a fun one along with your friends and family.

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