How to Serve Ping Pong like a Pro?

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Greeting, a good table tennis player will be the one with a great spins serve. I’ll give tips on how to improve your serve, some of the things that are really important.

Keeping on how to serve ping pong like a pro!

How to make killer serve in table tennis?

One thing is that when you serve, the most important thing is that when you make contact with the ball, it should be as low as possible for you to be pitching and once it falls, a lot of players will make contact with the ball at this position.

When you touch the ball at this position, the ball will be higher than the net because it is higher than the net so the balance is on your opponent’s side. The ball will be higher than the net, so all you need to do is let the ball fall as low as possible. Because when you serve like that and it reaches the opponent’s court, you want it to bounce below the net. It really is a quality serve.

When you serve and it goes lower towards the opponent your opponent’s side, they cannot make a drastic blow, it is difficult to move their racquets forward

Your opponent needs to move their racquet up and when they move the racquet up, the ball will be slower and that gives you more time.

The other thing is when you serve, you try to use your hip leg and your arm so that you try to move everything away from your hip leg everything together.

Another important thing is to hit different parts of the ball as you serve. Some serve tests you know sometimes try to hit the bottom of the ball. But trying to hit the other side is also important to be able to get the racquet through the ball quickly.

You start slowly but as you get closer to the ball you try to squeeze your forearms a bit tighter and pass the ball faster. What you are doing is you are delivering on everything that you are really trying to achieve fast.

You may want to try these serve where you are hitting the ball quickly over the ball. Even once you can get your racquet through the ball, you can create a very good spin for the ball and this will really get you a good serve.

How to get more spin on table tennis serve

If you get more spin general you’re going to give your opponents many more problems.

Firstly, How to create a backspin serve

Looking into flat and the racket out slightly, looking into contact the front part of the racket and slightly more underneath of the ball. And then you’re looking to accelerate underneath there and that’s what’s going to create that backspin on the ball

So a great way to tell whether you’re getting good backspin on your serve is to serve the ball onto the table. If you’re getting it to stop then you’ve created good backspin

If you’re getting it to come back towards you then you’ve created more backspins so you can measure the amount of spin by how it’s reacting on the table

How to create sidespin serve

What you’re going to change is the angle of the racket so you can see you’re tilting this racket up

You looking to contact this front part of the racket then this time you’re trying to keep this angle all the way through. You’re not looking to curl the racket around. You’re just trying to keep this in straight lines okay so that’s how you’re creating the sidespin.

Watching video on how to test spins

How to create topspin serve

You’re going to change slightly where we hit on the racket going to be a little bit more of the middle of the racket. You’re going to be a little bit more open again so you can see that handles pointing up towards. And then you’re going to pull upwards slightly so in towards the middle of the back and then you’re creating scientific and topspin some really good

You have to make sure you’re brushing the ball whatever serve you’re doing whether it’s backspin, sidespin, or topspin. So brushing the ball is going to generate spin when serving but to get more spin this is when you start to use your wrist more

And by using your wrist more you increase the racket speed and then when you have racket speed plus brushing the ball then you get lots more spin when you’re serving

Becoming a great table tennis player takes time to practice. The serving skill is the most important skill for me. Because you will serve as soon as you score

Practice, practice, practice. That is how you serve table tennis like a pro!

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