How To Clean Ping Pong Table Surface Easy

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To clean your ping pong table, you will need some basic items handy to make the job even easier!

  • Soft cloths
  • Water
  • White vinegar
  • A bowl
  • Lubricant and ping pong table cleaner (optional)

1. Remove the net from the table

First things first! To clean the table, you need to have access to its entire surface. And to get that you need to remove the net that splits the surface in two. You will have to clean the net as well, but this will be done in a separate step. Once you get the surface of your table free, you can start cleaning it.

2. Use a cloth

Clean Ping Pong Table

The first thing to do is to wipe your table with a cloth to eliminate the dust and dirt that can be gathered on it. You should use a soft cloth to make sure that you are not accidentally scratching the surface of the table. This step is something that you can do at the end of every ping-pong game because it will maintain your table cleaner in the long run. Plus, it takes a few seconds to wipe your table after a fun game with minimal effort!

3. Create and use your cleaner

For general maintenance cleaning, you can create your cleaner if you don’t have the professional one. These homemade cleaners are just as efficient as the ones that you can purchase, and they are easy to make! All you need is a bowl, water, and some white vinegar. Simply mix 3 cups of water with half a cup of vinegar to create the perfect cleaner! To clean your table, dip a soft cloth in the cleaner and wipe it carefully on its surface and legs. Keep wiping it until it is damp when you put your hands on it. It is a great tip to know when you are wondering how to clean a ping pong table.

4. Clean the net separately

When you started the cleaning process, unscrew the net off the table. Now it is time to clean that too. You can soak the net in the homemade cleaner that you prepared for around 15 minutes. After it soaked, take the net out and let it dry on a flat surface. It should take around 30 minutes to have the net all dried up and ready to use again. This cleaning step can be done once in three months so no need to do it daily or even weekly.

5. Set the net back up on the table

When the surface of the table and the net are nicely clean, you can put them back together. Reinstall the net on top of the table after you make sure that both are dry. When you are done the cleaning, you can use a professional lubricant to oil the metal parts of the table. This lubricant will not only keep it clean longer, but it will also make it look nicer!

Video Guides: Safe & Quick Way To Clean A Ping Pong Table


These simple steps show you how to clean a ping pong table with very little investment and effort.

The great aspect about these tables is that if you take care of them on a regular basis, you can enjoy them a lot longer. When you are cleaning your table, make sure that you are not damaging the paint on its surface. Most professional manufacturers will ship your ping pong table with cleaning instructions as well. So, it is worth checking those instructions out before you get creative during the cleaning process.

It is important not to use hard materials on your ping pong table because, in the long run, they can do more damage to your equipment. However, if you make sure to wipe your table after every time you use it, you might not need to clean it in detail so often! Take these steps and enjoy an amazing ping pong experience right in the comfort of your house!

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