Advanced Ping Pong Tips For Intermediate Players To Become Pro

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If you want to learn advanced table tennis tips, the best way is to follow the pros. Let’s take a look at the 5 highlights below to turn an intermediate player into a pro

1.Make your own table tennis racket

Not using the premade ping pong paddles and using the custom ping pong paddles is essential. Each paddle has its own vibe and playing qualities, and you will benefit significantly by utilizing just one paddle so you’re not continually attempting to adjust to an alternate/new one.

Making your own custom table tennis paddle can seem like a difficult task, especially if you’ve never done it before. What blade should you select?  What rubber do you need? Which glue is the best? How do you assemble?  These are questions I asked myself and honestly, finding the answers wasn’t too challenging.

Additionally, take care of your paddle with deference. Keep it in the event that when you’re not utilizing it. In case you’re utilizing sponge rubber (smooth surface), you should wash it with alcohol after each utilization.

2.Make your own playing style

When playing opponents, there are many styles from different table tennis players that you may be exposed to. These styles vary as to how they play the game.

Your play style depends on 2 factors:

1 – Your age, size, fitness levels, temperament

If you’re 70 years old with limited mobility, then trying to play power-loops back from the table like Ma Long is simply ridiculous. And if you are young and in good shape. You can do any style of play, it will be more personalized

2 – Your goal

If your goal is simply to improve at the local league level, perhaps reach your division or even be one of the great players in your town or your city, then you can pretty much choose any playing style you want.

Some options:

  • Topspin attacker
  • Flat hitting attacker
  • One wing attacker
  • Two wings attacker
  • Pusher
  • Blocker
  • Fisher/lobber
  • Chopper
  • Long pips defender
  • Long pips attacker
  • Short pips attacker
  • Anti-spin defender

Many of these styles can be played at different distances…

  • Close to the table
  • Mid-distance
  • Far back from the table

There are all kinds of play styles you can use depending on your opponent. And this is what makes table tennis so interesting at the amateur level. There are a variety of styles of play, all of which can be successful.

3.Table Tennis Tactics

Tactics are an often factor of table tennis competition. It’s easy to get stuck in technical training, become obsessed with perfecting your technique. So you disregard how you will utilize your in fact strokes to really win matches.

If you are an intermediate player and you want to be a pro, then there’s a good chance that it’s your tactical game that is holding you back.

Tactics generally rely on 3 main skill:

  • The ability to keep the ball
  • The ability to play the ball to certain areas of the table
  • The ability to apply pressure on your opponent

I don’t have time to tell you about the tactics. You might do more research or need the help of a trainer. If playing table tennis for fun, just play it innocently and happily. If you want to be better to win more, then tactics research is not to be missed

4.Advanced skill?

You probably already know these, but these are advanced skills that I value as important when you want to go from an intermediate player to a professional.

  1. Know what read the spin
  2. Compensate for the spin with your racket angle
  3. Use your whole body when you stroke your forehand
  4. Maintain a good ready position
  5. Train your strokes until they are automatic
  6. Develop serve: Use long and fast serve, mix up serve
  7. Keep your returns low over the net
  8. Control the pace of the game
  9. Using more forehand topspins to attack
  10. Try to attack first

5.Mimic the famous player

I still appreciate the coaching role of your coach. As in any sport, a coach is someone with experience in both training and playing.

However, when you mastered the stroke like instinct. Mimic top player’s superior techniques are a must when you want to develop your skills.

That is a smart idea. Each player has their own best skills: Ma Long‘s forehand, Zang Jike‘s backhand, Xu Xin‘s footwork, etc.

The last,

Practice, practice, and practice

The primary goal during practice is to develop your technique. Besides, when you compete, your primary goal should be to win. So find someone at a similar playing level as yourself and commit to practicing together on a regular. You should periodically assess your progress by playing with players at a higher level.

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