Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table Reviews

Table tennis players, coaches, and fans out there all know the monumental benefits of this recreational sport, right? Not only will your physical and mental health improve a lot, but you will also have a chance to build relationships with amazing people in your office, or clubs, and tournaments.

So, a well-made product will get you halfway through the path of becoming a star player. If you’re a fan of decent designs and premium quality products, we think Stiga Advantage table tennis table is right up your alley.

Anyway, just keep reading our Stiga Advantage Reviews to find out hows and whys lots of past players recommended it. Read thoroughly before deciding to purchase and have an interesting time with family and friends.

There are certain features and specifications of this product that you should take into considerations before deciding to order one. Wait no more and come along with us.

Stiga Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table
Stiga Advantage Indoor Table Tennis Table

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Product Highlights:

  • Dimensions(LxWxH): 108 x 60 x 30 inches
  • Thickness: Approx 16 mm
  • The end line and sideline: 2 cm
  • The centerline: 3 mm
  • Net Dimensions: 183 cm long net with tension adjustment
  • Weight: 190 pounds
  • One of the best Stiga table tennis tables

Table Dimensions

Stiga Advantage indoor table tennis table is a full-sized regulation indoor piece of equipment. Its measurements are 63 x 56 x 5 inches, including width, depth, and height, respectively. Regarding ITTF standards (International Table Tennis Federation), this product has been officially approved and referred to as competition-ready or tournament size.

Most buyers love this product due to the fact that one can’t get anywhere a full-sized table at a better price than this one. Such a plus point right here!

Net and Post System

One of the main issues that irritate table tennis players is that they usually receive a cheap, worn-off, or even useless net included in the package. Fortunately, a Stiga Advantage net included in the package won’t disappoint you. It goes together with a high-class, professional-spec quality, cotton-blend 72-inch net. It is also foldable and storable at the same time.

Moreover, the net goes together with a firm steel net and post set, which can be set up or detached from the table effortlessly with just a few simple twists to the clamp. A net of this quality would probably cost you $35–45 on its own, but for this time only, as it is an add-in for the table, you can have it without paying a single dime.

Playing surface thickness

The next thing to consider must be the thickness of the table’s surface. To keep it short, this particular factor decides the bounce of the ball. This 5/8 inch-thick Stiga Advantage table, compared to ITTF standards, is slightly thinner, which will make the ball bounce a little slower and lack some height.

This is the only drawback that you should consider, as it simply aims at recreational, fun games, and professional home self-training. Having considered all of those above, then getting a Stiga Advantage ping pong table is a great option.

Board material

When it comes to board material, you should know that the better the material is, the better the bounces are. The Stiga Advantage is made from PVC and is of MDF standard. Although it isn’t made from higher quality material, this board provides a fairly steady force of bounce overall.

Surface Finish

How can we miss two major factors that are worth-concerning on a playing surface? Let’s take a closer look at them!

This Stiga Advantage table boasts a long-lasting finish as it is roller-coated with multiple layers, and brings about a smooth-touching feeling overall. Besides, it also has a classy silk-screen yet not too gaudy surface even under direct sunlight (or fluorescent light). This does make your eyes feel much more comfortable when standing in front of the table.

Table Legs and Undercarriage

Nothing can be worse than a bumpy table. As mentioned above, the Stiga Advantage’s tabletop is really of decent quality. But what impressed us the most was the strong and adjustable table legs, frame, and undercarriage.

It has 1.2-inch robust legs made from firm steel, and overcoats of a fine black matte powder finish. And they all come with adjustable and casters rubber and levelers which prove handy in every case.

This will protect your floors from scratches and make it easier for the players to lower or raise the table according to their height. The locking function of the casters will also stabilize your table.


Last but not least, being incredibly convenient and versatile, the Stiga Advantage table tennis table makes our experience more pleasant and enjoyable. You will not want to miss this at all!

The vital feature one needs to inspect before purchasing a table is that it should be easy to set up, put away, and store in a limited space. This amazing product lets you split it into half for multiple uses and compact storage as when being folded, it is only 60 x 28 inches in size. Also, the 3-inch caster wheels make it effortless to move the halves around, which makes storage effortless.

And, an ideal table shall be made to use in different positions. Guess who’s lucky today, because Stiga has this very qualification! You can now play either with the play or play-back position. The two halves of the table can be independently separated and used as freestanding multi-use tables. It also accommodates a latch system for safety lock-ups as we bet you don’t want your children to get near a large insecure table, right?

The Bottom Line,

So far, so good. The number of plus points of this product has outweighed its drawbacks. This Stiga Advantage table has standard table dimensions, professional-quality net and post set, stylish look, sturdy undercarriage systems, and wonderful playing functions. Overall, it was well-made due to its awesome playability and durability. If you’re looking for a good value and durable table for office and family games, then this one makes a solid choice in all aspects.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out our best indoor table tennis table to get clear and good comparisons among the many top best indoor table tennis products out there. Keep that table tennis love. Hope you had a good time and enjoyed our article a lot.

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