Joola Inside 25 Review: The Best Professional Indoor Table Tennis Table

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JOOLA tables offer a variety of tabletop thicknesses that meet the requirements of all levels and needs. That led to the brand becoming a favorite brand of people who are looking for ping pong tables.

In this article, we’ll provide the complete JOOLA Inside 25 review – a durable, high-quality ping pong table that offers professional performance.

Specifications & Features

  • Tabletop thickness: 1 inch (25mm)
  • Dimensions: 108” L x 60” W x 30” H
  • Weight: 293 pounds
  • Base material: Engineered wood, wood, alloy steel
  • Frame material: Engineered wood
  • Apron: 50 x 20mm
  • Legs: 50 x 40mm
  • Leg levelers: 2 inches
  • Wheels: 4 inches
  • Net and post set: competition-grade.
  • Assembly required: 10-20min

Joola Inside 25 Review

JOOLA Inside 25mm Table Tennis Table with Net Set - Features 10-Min Assembly, Playback Mode, Compact Storage
  • TOURNAMENT QUALITY AT HOME: Competition-grade 9x5 foot regulation size indoor table tennis table and net set perfect for your home, office or community center; Made by the official table brand of US Open and US Nationals Championships.
  • NO HASSLE, QUICK SET-UP: Comes 95% pre-assembled, Assembly time NOW REDUCED: 10 minutes and you’re ready to play, Simply attach the legs with only 8 bolts TOTAL Tournament grade net is a classic screw clamp design for easy attachment
  • PROFESSIONAL THICKNESS: Durable 1 inch (25 mm) thick MDF multi-layer painted surface is the table thickness used by professional players for a consistent and reliable ball bounce, The table features leg height adjusters for a level playing surface
  • SAFE & MOBILE STORAGE: Folding halves sit on separate 4-wheel trolley systems for mobility when alone or nested together, Automatic anti-tilting locking devices and 4 locking caster wheels per half provide added safety during play, transport & storage
  • PLAY SOLO WITH PLAYBACK MODE: You can still play table tennis on the best table around if you don’t have a partner, Simply utilize the 2-piece design and unfold one half while leaving the other vertical for solo playback mode

Tabletop And Aprons

For me, and also in truth, the quality of the table tennis tables is basically determined by tabletop thickness. 

Joola Inside 25 can be confident in this term because its tabletop has a thickness of 25mm that is ideal for tournaments. Despite the fact that amateurs do not have high standards like this but serious players will be very excited, satisfied to have a consistent and reliable bounce.

Joola Inside 25 didn’t let me and you down. The bounce is consistent as I expected. Speed is true as it should be. Regarding tabletop, I haven’t seen a single complaint, only compliments.

However, If I try to dig up dirt on this tabletop, an issue I see is the surface glare when having any bright back light source or windows. I find it difficult to see the ball due to the glare of the surface. 

However, you will rarely encounter this problem because no one placed an indoor table in the yard, right? 

Another drawback of this table, but unrelated to its quality, is its 25mm thickness, which makes it heavier than other recreational indoor tables. This is important to note.

Net And Post Set

Net and post set is sturdy with screws
Net and post set is sturdy with screws

Many brands do not consider net and post set as an essential part of their product, it is only an included accessory instead. Therefore, they only provide a useless set in the box of the tennis table. 

Joola Inside 25 is certainly not among them. It provides a Competition Grade Net that is a heavy-duty net with tension adjustments.  

The other Joola Inside versions have a clamp-style net. This design makes it easy to install and remove. However, most users complain that it is quickly loose after a while. Joola really listens to customers when not using clamps but screws instead in this Joola Inside 25. 

Legs And Undercarriage

The legs and undercarriage are sturdy and of high quality. 
The legs and undercarriage are sturdy and of high quality. 

I was thrilled with the legs, undercarriage and they exceeded my expectations. It is incredibly sturdy and of very high quality. 

Undercarriage components include foldable steel legs and locking casters. The steel legs are 50x40mm, and the wheels are 4 inches, which is enough to support this heavy table. I feel, however, that the brackets supporting the table are far too small to adequately support it. 

In addition, JOOLA Inside 25 incorporates the 2-inch steel tube aprons, which provide extra support to guarantee the tabletop remains flat and consistent for years. 

This JOOLA Inside apron is coated with a matte black powder and features a silkscreened JOOLA logo that not only increases durability but also is pleasing to the eye.

Portability And Storage

Joola Inside 25 is quite heavy, it weighs 293 pounds. So moving it is not effortless, especially when assembling. But with the 2-piece design, moving and storing become much easier. The table is equipped with eight 4″ lockable wheels, four wheels on each half. The wheels are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the table. The rollers are of good quality so It is now easy to move the table halves with just one person. 

Splitting a table into two separate halves not only makes moving easier but also makes storing more compact. 

Also, a spring-loaded locking safety latch system on the bottom of the tabletop prevents it from unfolding accidentally once the half is folded up.

Joola Inside 25 Assembly Instructions

I have experienced the pain of assembling a table tennis table that requires more than one person and hours to make it completed. Thankfully, JOOLA Inside 25 definitely prevented that pain. 

Joola Inside 25 comes with 95% pre-assembled, and only 5% needs to be assembled by the customer. This should reduce assembly time to around 10-15 minutes. That’s what the company has advertised.

Does the truth work like ads? Assembling the table was not as simple as advertised. It isn’t overly complex or challenging, but the table is so heavy that makes assembly surely not a piece of cake.

Even though I’m a big guy and the table is delivered almost fully assembled, I still could not have accomplished the last few parts without the help of a strong friend. 

The two halves are quite heavy, and once the legs are attached, the table will be in an upside-down position and it needs to be flipped over.

The question is, how can a person flip the table without damaging the legs, or the floor, or the back? That’s really hard to do. That is why we need the help of at least two strong people. After completing this challenge, the rest is a breeze. We only need to attach the net and it is ready to go. 

Quick Rundown of JOOLA Inside 25

  • A thick tabletop provides superior ball bounce.
  • Setup is simple because 95% of the parts are pre-assembled.
  • It includes a 72-inch competition-grade net and post set.
  • Thick frame for protection
  • Heavy table – requires more than one person to set up and pack down

Product Video


Now that you have made it through our in-depth look at JOOLA Inside 25. After weighing up the pros and cons, I can completely claim that this is a durable, high-quality ping pong table and worth every penny. I am sure you will enjoy this incredible product as much as we do!

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