Joola Rally TL Table Tennis Table Reviews

Table tennis is gaining popularity as a favorite sport and a hobby for many people. Not only does it help players improve their physical and mental health, but it also creates a friendly bonding environment among players and their beloved.

As table tennis is an indoor recreational activity, players are increasingly likely to set up their playing field at home! Just purchase a table tennis table, some balls, and rackets, you are free to have a whale of a time with your family!

However, there is a wide range of table tennis tables on the market, which sometimes makes customers overwhelmed and puzzled to buy. But if you are a frequent table tennis player, then the Joola brand is no longer a stranger name! So keep reading our Joola Rally TL reviews to find out more information about this table and see whether it suits you!

Joola Rally TL – Product Specifications

Joola Rally TL Table Tennis Table
Joola Rally TL Table Tennis Table

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Product Highlights:

  • Dimensions(LxWxH): 108 x 60 x 30 inches
  • Thickness: 15 mm
  • The end line and sideline: 2 cm
  • The centerline: 3 mm
  • Net Dimensions: 183 cm
  • Weight: 155 pounds

First and foremost, let’s check whether this table’s dimensions are well suited to your space! In general, Joola Rally TL has three main sizes, so take some time to make a rough guess of your room so that you can purchase the most suitable one.

Here is a standard ping pong table size and best seller table tennis table of Joola Rally TL:

  • Play position dimensions: 108 inches long, 60 inches wide, 30 inches high.
  • Storage position dimensions: 62 inches high, 72 inches wide.
  • Weight: 155 lbs – should be carried by two people at least to avoid unwanted damage and accidents
  • Surface thickness: just under 5/8″ – can withstand intense play.
  • Assembly time: take around ten to 20 minutes to properly set up

In general, the Joola Rally TL table tennis table is undeniably perfect for any space at your home, even some extra spaces such as your garage, your garden, or the building lobby. However, make sure that your table is well protected from the weather and the elements if you want to have long-term use.

Joola Rally TL – Detail Features And Advantages

Charcoal table surface

As mentioned above, the Joola Rally TL is about 15 mm thick, which is not as thick as other ping pong table types. Nevertheless, it is very suitable for family and games for fun, since it can withstand the intense play of a whole family. Besides, it is made from medium-density fiberboard. Thanks to this new material, you will stand a chance of having new bouncing experiences.

There is silk-screened white stripping on the charcoal top, which ensures a consistent and durable playing surface. Moreover, the charcoal tabletop also protects Joola Rally TL from the adverse impact of external factors.

Durable frame and table apron

Unlike many other ping pong tables, Joola Rally TL has a ” tube apron, which provides strength and support for the whole table surface. Due to this feature, you are likely to have even bounced on the surface when playing.

In addition to the sturdy and robust undercarriage, the table legs are made of steel and they are also very thick. The end of each leg has a height adjuster so that you can make any adjustments to your table more quickly. Worry that the table may make scratches on the floor? That doesn’t matter much, because the four legs have rubber ends, as well!

Independent table halves

What particularly impresses users in these indoor table tennis tables lies in their table, split into two halves and foldable! You, as a user, can benefit from this feature a lot!

One benefit that should not be ignored is that two halves make the design compact and not make up for much space. Therefore, after playing, you can store it anywhere you want, or move and shift it to new locations without much effort and time.

Furthermore, have you ever thought of playing table tennis on your own? If not, let’s try Joola Rally TL to see how useful it is when you are bored but have no one around to play with!

Corner ball holders and abacus scorer

Each corner of the table has a hole, holding up to three balls, thus 12 balls in total. This helps you collect new balls more conveniently.

Another unique feature of this table is a magnetic scoreboard, helping you note the scores if you miscount! This feature also makes it become a table tennis table for professionals!

Pros And Cons:


  • Strong and durable frame
  • The charcoal finish on the top of the table
  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Has two independent halves and a compact design
  • Has magnetic scoreboard and ball holders


  • Suitable for indoors only
  • A little more expensive than others
  • Not a very thick tabletop, but that doesn’t matter too much

Customer Feedback

For all its stunning features, most of the feedback we receive from customers is, by all means, positive. They find their experiences with the Joola Rally TL table tennis table memorable and enjoyable due to its high-quality material and withstand intense play and promise long-term use. Moreover, the compact design and suitable size are two main plus points of our product.

However, there remains a few negative feedbacks, which mostly involve poor customer service and delivery. Customers find it hard to contact the customer support center and some complaints about the late delivery. But don’t worry, we are on the way to solve all these problems!

The Bottom Line

Joola is such a renowned brand that you cannot complain about the quality of its product, and Joola Rally TL table tennis table is no exception! It ensures you have the most enjoyable experiences with your family members or friends! With this table’s presence, you no longer have to go to the sports center or the gym to practice and do exercise.

And we are sure that after reading our Joola Rally TL reviews, you have gained all the necessary information about our product. With such an excellent indoor table tennis table, what are you longing for? You cannot find a more brilliant yet reasonable table tennis table than this one!

Let’s purchase one and have a whale of time right now!

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