“Racquet” heard ’round the World

What will travel at speeds over 100 miles per hour and weighs 2.5 grams? No, it is not the summer mosquito on your own backyard.

What game is the most popular racquet sport and is played with over 18 million Americans? No, it is not tennis.

What action once listed 173″strikes” in 60 minutes? No, it is not the banner ads on your own homepage.

Give up?

Of the answers are found inside the sport of table tennis. Yes, that is correct:”ping- pong” (the title”ping-pong” [TM] is trademarked by game-maker Parker Brothers). But do not use that phrase about people who take the sport seriously. Over 18 million Americans play table tennis annually –with 2.9 million playing with over 25 times each year. Back in 1973, the Guiness Book of World Records recorded Lisa Lomas of Great Britain and the strikes in a table tennis rally — 173 by Jackie Bellinger.

Table tennis is a game that is global. Sweden, China, and Korea will be the world forces in table tennis today. The U.S. Men’s Team is ranked 32nd in the world along with also the U.S. Women’s Team is ranked 25th in the entire world.

The proper roots of this sport of table tennis could be tracked to 1926, when the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was set in Berlin, Germany. Austria, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, England, Germany, Hungary, India, Sweden, and Wales were the members, along with the USA became part of the ITTF in 1933.

USA Table Tennis is now part of the ITTF and is the regulating body for the game of table tennis. USA Table Tennis can be a Group A member of the United States Olympic Committee and will be tackling all of the preparations for the U.S. Teams as they compete at the forthcoming Olympic Games in Australia.

USA Table Tennis boasts over 8,000 members (like me) And works with a community of over 200 clubs. Over 300 tournaments are sanctioned every year from USATT, along with the practices, training programs, exhibitions and other services they supply. USA Table Tennis could be reached online at www.usatt.org.

Park and recreation agencies provide table tennis and a few agencies have contests and plans . Table tennis isn’t a challenging game to learn how to play at a period that is brief the principles of spin pace, and control do require a lot of patience and training. In reality players practice as many as five hours every day.

Because we started out using a”miniature quiz,” let us end on precisely the exact same note. What are the regulations for the dimensions, shape and weight of a table-tennis racquet? Give up?

Well, it is really a trick question. There are no regulations for the dimensions, shape, or weight of a table-tennis racquet. I think that may be a question you’ll find on a future episode of Who Wants to be a Millionaire. And yes, you may use me as your”phone-a-friend” lifeline for any table tennis concerns which have you stumped.

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