STIGA Pro Carbon Reviews

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Looking for a new ping pong paddle to take your game to the professional level is undoubtedly a challenging task. When faced with this puzzle, why not consider STIGA Pro Carbon as your next choice? This paddle is one of the best-selling table tennis rackets among intermediate players and it promises to bring exceptional experiences for you. Wait no more let’s follow our review to find out its pros and cons.


Here is some basic information about this paddle that you need to know before buying one. It is easy for an intermediate player to mistake STIGA Pro Carbon for other paddles, as there is a wide range of rackets of the same size and design on the market.

Product Highlights:

  • Brand: STIGA
  • Assembled product specifications: 21.5 inches long, 6.25 inches wide, 2 inches deep
  • Overall weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Material: solid and lightweight wood
  • Performance ratings: control: 90, spin: 80, speed: 100
  • Blade: flared handle, composes five plies of wood layers and two carbon layers
  • Rubbers: ITTF approved, STIGA S5 rubbers, available in official tournaments
  • Sponge thickness: 2 mm
  • Color: black and red

As you can see, STIGA Pro Carbon is a great paddle for intermediate table tennis players who desire to elevate their performance and sharpen their skills. It is so well-designed and strong that you are free to practice table tennis for long hours without worrying about breakage.

A high level of control, spin, and speed is sure to help you quickly reach the professional level. However, this paddle is a bit heavy, so you need time to get used to it.


About the STIGA brand

If you are a frequent table tennis player, STIGA must be a household name, as it is one of the most renowned table tennis equipment manufacturers in the sports world.

Having established its reputation since 1944, STIGA has been highly welcomed by table tennis players worldwide thanks to its quality products, ranging from table tennis tables, rackets to other accessories. Shortly, it will soon become the most favorite sports brand in the world!

The blade

This STIGA Pro Carbon table tennis racket is designed with a powerful combination of five layers, including five wood layers and two carbon layers.

Five balsa wood layers make the blade so strong and sturdy that the paddle can withstand intense and competitive games. Besides, two layers of carbon are lightweight enough to keep the paddle from being too heavy.

This feature allows players to generate lots of control and power to attack opponents, especially those who are into the habit of hitting the ball further from the table.

The rubbers

The rubber is the most prominent part of the STIGA Pro Carbon paddle. It is approved by the international table tennis federation and can be used in official tournaments and historical events.

This is down to the fact that STIGA Pro Carbon rubbers are S5, using the ACS technology and Nano Composite. These advances make the paddle stronger and give players more control over the racket.

Moreover, hardly any paddle has such a wide sweet pot like STIGA Pro Carbon, enabling you to generate more spin and balance.

The handle grip

This ping pong paddle for the intermediate player is designed with a flared handle grip using WRB technology, one of the most popular handle grips among intermediate players. This means the paddle has a hollow metal tube through the handle, spreading out the shock and giving better grip and control over the ball.

However, while this tube helps you gain more control over the paddle and generate power to each shot, it makes your paddle heavier than others. Therefore, take your time to get acquainted with the weight.



  • Shows a high level of speed and control
  • The rubber can be easily replaced
  • Generates a good amount of spin
  • Durable and strong construction
  • Features an attractive and beautiful design
  • Most suitable for intermediate table tennis players
  • Comes at a reasonable and affordable price for all players


  • Not ideal for those longing for a control paddle
  • Not effective for soft shots
  • Takes a while to get accustomed to
  • Poses some packaging problems


This ping pong racket is the best ideal for intermediate table tennis players, which you should not ignore. It provides players with great control as well as speed level and allows them to generate enough spin with ease.

And these are some of the positive comments and feedback we have received from most of the STIGA Pro Carbon users. They have recently reported feeling so satisfied with the performance of STIGA Pro Carbon that they are likely to keep it company for a long time. Thus, it is not exaggerating to say that this racket is among the best ping paddles of STIGA.

Nevertheless, besides the majority of complimentary feedback mentioned above, there are still a few inevitable negative comments. The complaint involves the STIGA Pro Carbon’s weight.

This paddle seems to be a bit heavier than other paddles, which takes intermediate players a while to get used to it. Other than this problem, any other feature of STIGA Pro Carbon is sure to meet the players’ demands.


So the article above is our detailed review of the STIGA Pro Carbon ping pong racket. We are sure that you have gained all the necessary information about our product, and see whether it is suitable.

Without a shade of doubt, this paddle is suited to intermediate table tennis players, thanks to its high-quality construction, great-looking design, and overwhelming performance.

With such a relatively cheap yet premium product, you will have nothing to complain about. And STIGA Pro Carbon paddle is sure to help you boost your performance and reach the professional level.

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