Stiga Evolution vs Stiga Pro Carbon: What is the right choice?

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When playing ping pong, the paddle you choose to use matters a lot to the game. You cannot use an inefficient paddle and expect to win the game. It is therefore important that you choose the best paddle for the game first before you start playing. Most gamers have used either Stiga evolution or Pro carbon for their gaming needs.

Evolution vs Pro carbon

Two paddles: Stiga Evolution and Stiga Pro carbon

That is why when it comes to ping pong games, these two paddles have been closely compared. The two paddles are built for two completely different styles of playing which we will look at when comparing them. Both of them are however made by Stiga but are not the same.

It would not make sense to rate one paddle over another when comparing these two since they are built for different users. The only way to compare these two is through performance and physical attributes. The table below compares Stiga evolution and Pro carbon-based on different factors:

stiga evolution

Stiga Evolution

  • Speed: 96
  • Spin: 94
  • Control: 90

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stiga pro carbon

Stiga Pro Carbon

  • Speed: 99
  • Spin: 100
  • Speed: 99

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As you can see in the above table, as much as Pro carbon has good speed and spin, it lacks sufficient control. It is, therefore, the best option for those who would love to play offensive table tennis. Stiga evolution, on the other hand, is best in control but is slightly deficient in the other parameters. It is suitable for a defensive form of play when you need to control how the ball goes.

Stiga evolution is also made in such a manner that the net weight is minimal thus reducing any strain on the hand or wrist. The Pro carbon has been designed to provide a solid surface for improving the shot speed for each stroke. This way the user has more shot power and an opportunity to defend the ball well.


The performance that is shown by the Stiga evolution is boosted by the 2mm thick rubber that is added on the wooden blade. This rubber ensures that the shots delivered are precise and fierce.

The components that make up the rubber are meant to generate better spin and precision when a user is playing. This gives it an advantage over the Pro carbon paddle. The Pro carbon has a different rubber technology that is called the Stiga S5. It is a beginner grade rubber of 2mm thickness which helps to control the output of the paddle. It dampens the output such that the speed is regulated and the spin controlled too.

This is how the control of the paddle is boosted. When speed and spin are low, then the ball control is high and boosted. It applies almost everywhere. The Pro carbon is therefore for those who are beginners or are starting to play ping pong.


The Pro carbon is also preferable for those who love taking flat shots as compared to loops or lob shots. The Stiga evolution has a well-made handle that utilizes a shock dispersion tube. This proprietary technology is meant to collect the tension that is on the handle’s surface and redistribute it on the same surface of the paddle.

This is to support return shots for the ball. For this paddle to help you in your gaming, you will need to enhance your speed and spinning capabilities and know how to use them to your advantage.

The handle of the Pro carbon has a metal rod on it so that the user can have a good grip when playing. It is also made to balance the net weight of the paddle; otherwise, it would feel like a hammer when being used. It thus makes the paddle effective for use and balanced for a user.

Both the two paddles have their handles meant to serve the user at different capacities. The shock dispersion tubes that are on the Stiga evolution’s handle help to redistribute the power gained from the user when holding the paddle.

On the other hand, the metal rod embedded handle of the Pro carbon helps to harness the weight distribution so that the paddle is balanced. It also ensures that the shots are delivered with the same swing power.

Concluding Lines

In summary, whether you choose the Stiga evolution or Pro carbon, it will depend on several factors. The two paddles are both effective and ideal for different groups of people. They have been designed to perform differently depending on the game style chosen, and this is why it would not be appropriate to rank one over the other.

They rather supplement each other regarding different parameters. They are therefore not close competitors but rather a strong pair instead. You can, therefore, get both so that whenever you choose an offensive play, you can game with the Pro carbon and whenever you choose to conserve shots, then you can play with the Stiga evolution.

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