Butterfly 401 Reviews

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So far, Butterfly is well-known as leading in table tennis equipment for all-round players. Here we will further discuss one of its best-selling paddle – the Butterfly 401. Coming to think of its excellent spin and reasonable control, it is no surprise why this 401 sells like hotcakes, especially for those looking for a ping pong paddle for intermediate player. Keep reading and you will absolutely agree with us!


Overall, this paddle is supposed to provide an extra spin, speed, and all the while keep the control index on a relatively low level – what is expected by all intermediate players who want to go pro.

Product Highlights:

  • Speed: 80
  • Spin: 80
  • Control: 85
  • Wood layer: 5
  • ITTF-approved Yuki 2.1mm rubbers
  • Shakehand-style flared grip
  • The medium weight of 0.36 lbs
  • Free case included in the gift box


Now, let’s get insight into parts of the Butterfly 401 to understand why intermediate ping pong players strongly prefer this paddle.

5-ply wood blade

First, to mention, the Butterfly 401 is made from pure wood, which will last for years to come. Such material also produces more power than the cheap composite or mixed-wood blades when it contacts the ping pong balls.

Secondly, the number of plies is 5, meaning Butterfly 401 is between the spinny 3-ply blades and the powerful 7-ply ones. To be more specific, 5-ply Butterfly 401 has consistent power and a large sweet spot throughout the match.

Then, intermediate players will find the blade a bit faster than entry-level blades while still generating more spin and retaining reasonable control.

ITTF-approved Yuki rubbers

On two sides of the Butterfly 401 are the high-quality Yuki rubbers, meaning that the rubbers will grip the balls better, and you can generate a higher spin than usual.

Please also note that both rubber sides have their pimples rather than outward-facing ones, meaning you will get the same response playing with the red or black side.

2.1mm sponge beneath rubbers

It is worth mentioning that Butterfly 401 has a medium-thick layer of sponge under its rubbers on two sides – happy to know for intermediate players wanting to play more on attacks and offense.

Accordingly, the sponge will work as a spring to cause the balls to spring off at a greater force and spin. Then, you can hit extremely hard without worrying about the bottom out effect.

Be ready to lose some control. However, it is useful if you are at the intermediate level. Once you have already built up the essential playing skill, you should move on to develop more control over the paddle and the ball.

Shakehand-style flared grip

About the handle, the Butterfly 401 comes with a shakehand rounded flared grip, as we already mentioned above.

There is a high chance that you used the shakehand paddles from the beginning. Then, you might already know how this style is – you will hold the paddle as if you are shaking hands. At a higher level, we mean the intermediate, the shakehand type is still beneficial to improving overall control.

About the flared grip, you will find that the handle gets a bit wider toward its end. That way, the paddle will not slip out of your hand even when you hit the ball hard and at high spin. Nonetheless, you should know that the Butterfly 401 handle is shorter than usual and not suitable on large hands.

Free case in the gift box

Most ping pong paddles come with the case for you to store and carry those around at convenience. The Butterfly 401 is no exception. However, we find the case even more helpful.

Simply, the tacky surface usually collects dust quickly, and it might affect the overall tackiness and spin load. Thus, putting the Butterfly 401 inside the case when you do not play will save time and effort for you to clean it later.


From all information above, we conclude that the spin, speed, and control are 80; 80; 85, respectively. It is neither the most spinny and fastest paddle nor the easiest-to-control. However, the Butterfly 401 is truly a great choice for intermediate players who want to play more on attacks and offense sides and, more importantly, to improve the controlling skills.

Moreover, you can rest assured about its quality because Butterfly 401 meets all standards required by the ITTF to use in professional tournaments. Not to mention, this ping pong paddle is also very affordable, considering its price and performance.


  • A durable and medium-thick wood blade
  • Great spinny thanks to Yuki 2.1mm rubbers
  • Comfortable and reliable flared grip
  • Approved by ITTF in terms of quality and performance
  • Affordable price for the overall value
  • Free case included for protecting the paddle


  • Harder to control because of the improved spin
  • Prone to collect dust throughout the play
  • Short handle that is not suitable for large hand


Above is an in-depth review of Butterfly 401. We hope it is useful and sure that you all agree that this is an ideal ping pong paddle for intermediate players. Buy one if you are truly serious about ping pong and want to improve your playing skills and leverage to an even higher level of playing.

Moreover, you should also invest in an outdoor table tennis table to practice whenever you want. Simply put, you can choose one from the Butterfly table tennis equipment!

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