Top 5 Best Ping Pong Ball Machine For Practices

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Are you are interested in playing table tennis and yearning to become a star? However back in your mind you know you lack the training and experience needed. If so think of investing in the best ping pong robot. A ping pong robot is a machine that is programmed to throw balls at an opposite fixed net at a certain frequency and interval. This machine will greatly improve your prowess in table tennis as it will expose you to alien challenges. Having the best indoor ping pong table and the best ping pong paddles is not everything you need to become a pro in table tennis. There are many available ping pong robots available in the market. However, making the right decision is crucial when investing in such an important machine. If you are a novice table tennis player, then I will help you get the kind of a toy you can play with at home. In this article, I will take you through a detailed description of the top five ping pong robots we have in the market, which will improve your skills at table tennis.

1. Chaofan 36 spins Ping Pong Ball Machine

Chaofan 36 spins Ping Pong Ball Machine

Chaofan 36 spins Ping Pong Ball Machine, Reviews Score: 9.3

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  • Durable
  • No balls stuck so far
  • Easy to install
  • Good speed and frequency settings
  • Effective spins


  • Some prefer a wireless remote instead of the wired one
  • Manually adjust the shoot angle

One more affordable training robot with the highest capacity for table tennis balls is CHAOFAN 36 Spins.

With a ball frequency of 40 to 70 balls per minute and the speed frequency of 4 to 40 meters per second, be free to change any direction and speed as you want. Featuring 2 types including direct (for daily practice) and indirect (for beginners), you just adjust the robot head and the elevation to the suitable speed and spin for each type.

In terms of spins, there are also two kinds consisting of topspin and backspin. But the best thing is that you can control different spin balls by setting them according to instructions to practice.

And thanks to the wired remote control, everything seems to be easier and simpler.

Additionally, setting up this table tennis trainer robot for training on your pool table is a piece of cake. Just assemble all the parts together as instructed and then attach it on the table, turn it on, and start practicing with any kind of spin you want.

Since this product doesn’t include the net system, you should buy one or use your own one before starting. Got it?

Ah, remember to avail the standard ping pong balls of 40mm diameter or they might get jammed (too big) or they might be shot at inaccurate speeds (too small).

In sum, what I prefer about the CHAOFAN 36 Spins is that every operation you choose goes on quite reliably and smoothly, making this unit a good pick for those who are new in the world of ping pong robots.

Of course, its price is totally suitable for every feature that it offers. Whether you want to improve your skillset or train for tournaments, just think of this table tennis machine, okay?

2. iPong robot Reviews

iPong V300

iPong V300, Reviews Score: 9.5

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  • Easy to adjust topspin and backspin
  • Easy to set up
  • Wireless remote
  • Ideal for self-practice
  • Affordably-priced


  • Some complaints of scratches due to the sharp bottom edge
  • Buy the net separately

If you just want something affordable and portable yet good enough for improving your level of play, try to look at the iPong V300 table tennis training robot.

Although this two-wheel unit generates either back or topspin, you are guaranteed to get true real-in experiences. Assuming you want to practice a push shot for your backhand or a loop shot for your forehand, simply set the unit to the direction, speed, and spin that you want. Additionally, if you prefer a no-spin ball, it is okay to program the backspin equal to topspin.

Another cool feature that this small robot supports your practice is its ability to deliver the balls with accurate speed. With a large ball capacity of up to 100 ping pong balls, it can shoot them out at a slower speed of 30 balls per minute up to a maximum speed of 70 balls per minute.

Just note that you need to use the recommended iPong balls (40mm) or jamming might happen. Besides, avoid using the maximum speed too often since it creates a similar issue, got it?

In terms of setup, everything is simple. Since the iPong V300 table tennis training robot has no attached wires, all you do is to put it on your table tennis table (any ping pong table you have at your house, okay?), add the balls to the top holder section, turn it on, and play.

Ah, don’t forget to install the net or you will spend all your life picking up the balls (remember that you need to buy it separately or use your own one).

The wireless remote control is a big plus of this affordable machine because it allows you to adjust all the functions including the ball frequency control, spin speed, and oscillation mode.

Not mentioning jamming, the iPong V300 table tennis machine is truly a powerful choice with the capacity to place balls at various speeds, placements, and lengths. Furthermore, it is made with durable and long-lasting materials, making it last for years.

Of course, its cheap price is good news. Although it doesn’t come with many advanced features as other models, it is still ideal for beginners to make good their shortcomings and then become a better player.

3. ZXMOTO Table Tennis Reviews

ZXMOTO Table Tennis

ZXMOTO Table Tennis, Reviews Score: 9.4

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  • Well-designed
  • Durable and powerful
  • Perfect for everyday practice and play
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Included catch net
  • Many settings for practice


  • Blurry manual
  • Easily get jammed due to dust

My upcoming pick for the best ping pong robots goes to the ZXMOTO table tennis for some reason, but mostly because it is a complete unit at a good price on Amazon.

Similar to the iPong V300 above, this product also comes with two main kinds of spins including topspin and backspin.

However, the most noticeable point is that its head is flexible and can tilt up and down from various angles, which means it is able to deliver a different degree of bounce. Ever so wonderfully, it can be adjusted in various modes to support your daily training.

Thanks to a large ball capacity, putting up to 120 balls is not a BIG problem. Importantly, you can configure the settings from speed to reverse frequency and speed spin with the wired remote control easily. Moreover, it allows you to unload the ball automatically. What’s more, the length of the cable is long enough so that you can put it next to you during your training.

And while you put the balls inside the container, make sure to pick the international standard balls of 40mm diameter.

How about setup? According to some users, installing this table tennis training robot is a bit frustrating because of poorly-written instructions. But in my opinion, you easily clamp it on any ping pong table and then turn it on to use.

Of course, remember to set up an included catch net surrounding the unit to help you collect the balls better.

Although some are unsatisfied about the features above, I reckon they maybe require too much at this price tag. The ZXMOTO table tennis robot still offers good frequency, reverse spin, speed, and everything else for beginners.

In terms of durability, you can rest assured. Just remember to wipe it quite often to clear dust and decrease the risk of jamming.

4. Newgy Table Tennis Robot Reviews

Newgy Table Tennis Robot

Newgy Table Tennis Robot, Reviews Score: 9.0

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  • Large capacity of 200 balls
  • Multi modes for practicing and playing
  • Easy to set up, take down, transport and store
  • Good analog controls for ball speeds
  • Excellent customer service


  • Be careful of jamming

The last product that I’m going to introduce is extremely perfect for intermediate practice levels.

Firstly, the Newgy RoboPong comes with a large ball basket that allows it to hold more than 200 balls at the same time. This is a useful feature since you don’t need to refill too often. Besides, it can deliver 26 balls to 94 ones per minute while the maximum ball speed is under 80 mph. Plus, the oscillator functionality is able to move the ball around to different locations on the table, instead of being fixed to one place.

Equipped with the easy-to-use rotating spin head, you are guaranteed to select different types of spin including topspin, backspin, right sidespin, left sidespin, and combination spin by twisting the mechanism on the front of the robot.

Unlike the above products, this one doesn’t offer remote control. So, if you want to make any adjustments, please move towards the table tennis machine and control. But the good news is that selecting the spin can be changed effortlessly.

One more terrific point is that this training robot can sit on any table to shoot balls from many various positions. Simply put it close to the net or right in the corner of the table and turn it on to play.

When this robot comes to the net catcher, make sure to buy the new one, or use your available one.

Even, you should pay attention to the size of the balls – make sure they are 40mm diameter to avoid getting jammed, okay?

Aside from this, don’t forget to clean the unit as instructed or it might constantly jam at low speed. Although this issue is not serious, it can be annoying and affect its durability.

In terms of price tag, I feel the Newgy RoboPong 1040+ doesn’t deliver enough value. But as compared to other ping pong robots in its range, this choice is quite solid and can last long enough until you decide to take another advanced one to improve your game.

5. Paddle Palace Robot Reviews

Paddle Palace H2W

Paddle Palace H2W, Reviews Score: 10.0

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  • Versatile and user-friendly
  • A variety of spins and built-in sequences
  • LCD touch screen for easy programming
  • Included net and recycling ball system
  • Free training balls
  • Excellent warranty


  • Too pricey

My first recommendation on the list, the Paddle Palace H2W Touch Pro table tennis robot is one of the best user interfaces that can add more details to imitate a human player than a robot.

So, let’s bring out the meaning!

First of all, I want to mention the ball catcher net and the ball recycle system. This is known as a core function that this unit offers. The recycling system will catch the balls and feed them back into the robot to deliver continuous play as well as a great workout. Meanwhile, the net allows you not to move around and pick the balls up during practicing.

But the next feature is what I prefer most. The Paddle Palace H2W is capable of delivering all types of spins including topspin, backspin, sidespin, no spin, and even combinations. Ever so wonderfully, you can change any spin you want in the same training. For instance, you might have a quick topspin ball followed by a short backspin or even a flat ball.

And if you wonder whether this ping pong robot is available for all kinds of table tennis balls, don’t worry. It truly works with small or big balls, which are shot at various heights and speeds.

So, how about putting it in any ping pong table? Indeed, this is a standing type robot that means it doesn’t require attaching to the table or even a conversion top. Just wheel it into the desired position, adjust the height, set up the recycling net, and be ready to go.

Since it is well-built with wheels, you are guaranteed to get a sturdy and durable product that can last for years. Moreover, you can rest assured of a good warranty within 1 year.

To be known as a versatile and professional table tennis robot, the H2W Touch Pro table tennis training robot offers easy technological access to everything through its Touch Screen digital display. With 30 built-in sequences, feel free to select the one you want or pick the random mode or even create your own sequence. More importantly, don’t forget to take advantage of the Spin Indicator Panel to read spin much faster and then improve your game in the future.

One more terrific thing is that you will get a touchscreen remote that is equipped with preprogrammed drills to shoot the ball on 22 various spots on the table with any order and spin. Sounds cool, right?

In terms of the price tag, the Paddle Palace robot is pricey. But for every great feature above, it is a perfect investment, especially for professional table tennis players.

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Ping Pong Robot

So after deciding to buy a ping pong robot, there are some features you need to consider.

Is the ping pong robots battery powered or AC powered?

It is the most important thing you should look at. Is the robot battery powered or AC powered? AC robots are more powerful compared to battery-powered ping pong robots. They are speedy, and the throwing strength is great. If you are a frequent player, then an AC power-driven ping pong robot would be best for you.

However, the battery-powered ping pong robots are highly mobile, and you can use them in places with no electricity. Battery-powered robots are good especially if you are going for a hike.

Some ping pong robots also come with both AC plus battery power systems.

Wired as well as wireless remote robots

Here the options are just only two. A ping pong robot can either have a wireless or wired remote system. Some ping pong robots have remotes that enable you to control the features of the robot. With a wired remote you are limited to how far you can control your robots from. This kind of robot is relatively cheap. A wireless remote is much more expensive but equally luxurious as you can control your remote from about 10 feet away.

Available features

The features available in any ping pong robot will determine if it will serve you to the satisfaction or not. Vital features like programming capacity, refill nets, and capacity should be put into consideration. Before buying a ping pong robot, you must ensure that the available features will enable you to improve your table tennis skills without compromising your comfort. Some robots are tailor-made to improve certain skills. However, consider a robot that has more features.

Spin types.

The best ping pong robot should operate just like a human opponent would shoot. Most ping-pong robots have inbuilt spin selections which allow the robots to shoot in left spin, topspin or even a combination of both

Ball capacity

The number that a robot can hold should also be put into consideration. It has an inside a reservoir that can hold a maximum of 100 balls. It should be a major consideration when buying a ping pong robot

Shot selection

Buying a ping pong robot that has some shot selections is important. This feature is important since it puts you in a challenge where random shots come your way. It is an important drill that when mastered can make you shine in a real tournament. Consider when you use ping pong robots with outdoor ping pong tables.

Recycling system.

A few ping pong robots permit you to play without worrying about the robot going empty freely. This kind of robot has trapping nets that collect the balls after every return shot. The balls are pushed back into the robot, and the game can go on and on.

Mobility of the ping pong robot

Consider buying a robot that can easily be moved. It means you can easily store the machine as well as travel with it. Portable ping pong robots are made in such a way that they can be easily assembled.


Consider the brand you are buying from. Specific brands work better than others. Some of the best brands you can buy from are Ipong, Butterfly Amicus, and power pong.

Skill level.

Matching the ping pong robot with your skill level is important. If you are beginner, I would suggest against robots with very high speed and strength when throwing balls


Price is the major thing to consider when buying a ping pong robot. Some robots are very expensive, but you can still find affordable robots that will meet your skills. However, the price should not be the determining factor when buying a ping pong robot. Consider the features and how it will greatly improve your skills. Consider it as an investment in yourself.

Final Thought

I hope my article is informative and open-minded. Above is a detailed guide that will enable you to make a wise purchase decision. However, before you make your final decision based on my article, I would like you to take your time and do more self-research on the exact details of the products. This is because manufacturers keep on adding value to their products. The top five products I have reviewed in the guide are recommended for both novice and professional table tennis player. They have been used for practice before table tennis tournaments all over the globe. They are of top quality, and I do not doubt their reliability. Among the top five, I think Paddle Palace Robot would be a perfect choice since most table tennis players have rated it as the best ping pong robot. I hope this article is enjoyable and impacted you positively on the best ping pong robot to buy.

Brixton Johansson