Ping pong to Bounce into Holborn

His leisure notion wills start October, and is in discussions to websites that are additional.

Bounce joins dining table and drinking with table tennis. In addition to cocktail bar and a restaurant, 17 ping pong tables will be featured by Bounce .

“I really like ping pong and always have,” says Breeden, managing director of Bounce. “It is one of the only sport that’s rising in popularity, but ping pong tables have vanished out of social websites and people’s homes, and other places you may expect to see them.

“This isn’t aimed at serious players of this sport. It’s all about a general adventure of a great-quality cocktail bar and cafe, together with a leisure activity everyone is able to participate in and have fun with, individuals are searching for more out of a night out today.”

Russell Sage, who designed the Goring Hotel in Belgravia and the Hospital Club has made the 121 Holborn place. The website, which Breeden obtained in July on a rental, is in the place where Jaques & Son in 1901 devised and improved the match of table tennis.

Bounce was developed in partnership with Joe Jaques, grandson of the inventor of the game.

“We’re drawing from a feeling of heritage together with our layout,” says Breeden. “Ping pang is a British game and, at our next meeting with Joe Jaques, it transpired that our planned place was the specific website where his grandfather had his own production performance and offices. So we are making a huge deal out of this in our branding”

Breeden is in discussions within a place at Canary Wharf, and intends to open websites. He is appearing in the London Bridge area and west London, and desires large cellar areas of between 8,000 sq feet and 15,000 sq ft.

“We aren’t aiming ourselves in corporates, however, table tennis is a remarkably popular company action. There’s a huge deficit in London of places to employ that are enjoyable, and supply excellent food and beverage in fine environment,” he states. “It’s also aggressive, which is very likely to appeal to the audience at Canary Wharf.”

The Star Lanes CEO has stayed a shareholder from the luxury series that was bowling, but states the two companies are separate. Bounce is endorsed Mark Sainsbury, Tom and Ed Martin of bar group ETM, and by Zoopla creator Alex Chesterman.

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