Palio Expert 2 vs Palio Expert 3: Whats the Difference?

Which Palio Expert is better? Palio Expert 2 or Palio Expert 3? This question was asked by many people in the past, but now it’s time to answer! The Palio Experts are two of the top ping pong paddles at Palio. They have a lot of similarities, but there are some differences too. Keep reading to find out what they are and which one you should buy!

Compare Specifications

Palio Expert 2 Palio Expert 3
Speed 60 60
Spin 90 90
Control 100 100
Blade All wood All wood
Rubber CJ8000 CJ8000
Sponge 2.0 mm 2.0 mm
Weight 0.44 lbs 0.57 lbs
Handle FL FL
ITTF Approved Yes Yes

Palio Expert 2

Palio Expert 2 might not be good for you if you are an intermediate or advanced player. It is too slow. If you are just starting out, then it will work for you. The speed of the paddle is 6, which is lower than most other paddles out there.

To spin and speed up the ball, you need a rubber. The CJ8000 rubbers are good because they are not too hard for beginners to use. They are tacky, which means that the ball will stick to them when you hit it.

This is a racquet. It can do three types of spin, which means that when you hit the ball, it will go in different directions. The sponge in this racquet is soft, which means when you hit the ball with the racquet it will stop and be easier to control where the ball goes.

We do not know the thickness of sponges or rubbers on any websites. But we think they are about 2.00mm thick, so the ball should not go too fast when you hit it.

The CJ8000 rubbers are ITTF approved. They are good for playing in official tournaments. The problem is, once you’re past the basics and want to upgrade your racket to something that will help you generate more power, it may not be a good choice because they will not be strong enough.

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Palio Expert 3

The Palio Expert has a control rating of 10/10. When you are new to Table Tennis, your focus should be to place the ball on the table on more occasions which builds confidence in your game to successfully complete the learning of basic skills. The all-wood Palio Expert 3.0 blade gives the desired feeling and control that help you

The Palio Expert 3 table tennis racket is made for beginners. It will help you get better at the game if you are interested in doing so.

It is designed to teach people how to play tennis. You can use topspin and backspin, long or short distance. It has a good price. So just buy it and have fun playing tennis.

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In our conclusion, these two paddles are the same. They are for beginners. But if I had to choose, I would choose the Palio Expert 3 because it is a little heavier and has better control of the ball than the Palio Expert 2.

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