Stiga Pro Carbon vs Killerspin Jet 800

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The common feature of Stiga Pro Carbon and Killerspin Jet 800 is that both are ITTF approved, which means you can use both of these in official competitions.
Stiga Pro Carbon vs Killerspin Jet 800

Compare Specifications

Stiga Pro Carbon Killerspin Jet 800
Speed 99 95
Spin 100 90
Control 80 80
Blade 5 wood layers + 2 carbon layers 5 wood layers + 2 carbon layers
Rubber STIGA S5 Nitrx-4Z
Sponge 2.0 mm 2.0 mm
Weight 0.45 Pounds 0.41 Pounds
Grip FL FL
ITTF Approved Yes Yes

Our Review

Stiga Pro Carbon Killerspin Jet 800
  • High speed
  • Suitable for Intermediate player
  • Good spin for forehand loops
  • Might replace the rubber
  • Good speed and power
  • Nitrix-4Z Rubbers with 2.0 mm sponge: Best for spin
  • Great look
  • There is a metal rod in the handle that does take a little bit of getting used to.
  • Low control ratings
  • Don’t replace the rubber
  • Quite expensive
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First, both blades are made up of 7 layers: 5 wood + 2 carbon. That means both are high-speed racquets. Therefore, they are not suitable for beginners

The difference in STIGA Pro Carbon is that there are many micro ACS air pellets inside the rubber that increase the rubber’s control and elasticity for better flexibility during play.

Also, Killerspins Jet 800 has one of the biggest power ratings (being able to hit shots faster) that we’ve played with and can be good at generating spin in the right hands. Chen Qi even used it to compete in the Olympic game

If you are an intermediate player, you have been playing table tennis for 3 months. You can use Stiga Pro Carbon. That why I pick this product as the best ping pong paddle for the intermediate player

If you still do not have your own style, cannot build your own racquet, do not know how to choose a blade, Killerspin Jet 800 is not a bad choice.

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