10 Benefits of Table Tennis

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Regardless of your age and gender, playing a sport is always an essential activity that you should take part in so as to balance and improve your life.

And if you still have known which sport is great to play, let us show you 10 benefits of table tennis that you wish you should have known earlier!

10. Ping pong is a low-risk game

Ping pong is a low-risk game


Among the unique health benefits of ping pong, this is the most important one that makes the sport ideal for people of all ages and genders. Whether you are too young or too old, the game will do no harm to your joints like other hard sports.

While volleyball, football, or even tennis may sometimes give you unwanted injuries, table tennis nearly contains no risk for anybody. In other words, you only have the chance to grow stronger and healthier!

9. Burning Calories

Like almost all other sports, we cannot help mentioning how it helps people keep fit when it comes to table tennis benefits. Since the game requires players to move a lot, you can burn plenty of calories, especially if you play it intensely and frequently.

Both players have to constantly run back and forth to various positions with advanced motor skills to catch up with the blazing speed of the ball flying in different directions.

You will carry out a physical workout known as Cardio, which bursts your heart rate and breath and helps you lose weight effectively. According to researches, a person weighing around 70 kg is able to burn up to 280 calories after one hour of playing table tennis.

Fortunately, ping pong is an exciting sport that even makes players feel entertained and even addicted. As a result, you can burn calories passionately without feeling tired and bored.

8. Enhance Reflexes

Increasing the reflexes speed of people is one of the most significant health benefits of playing table tennis. Because of the short distance between rivals and the fast-paced nature of the ping pong ball, players need to respond with the ball in less than a second with eyes, brain, and all muscles. In other words, playing ping pong improves core muscles.

Enhance Reflexes


If you watch professional matches in premier tournaments, you can see that players sometimes even have no time to stand still for a moment as the game requires incredibly fast reflexes.

Therefore, playing this game is a very efficient method to improve your ability to burst your speed (of eyes, brain, and all muscles) instantly under any circumstance in life.

7. Strengthen Hand-eye Coordination

According to the famous scientists Dr. Daniel Amen and Roland Campbell, when you play the game, your eyes have to record the images of the ball flying to your side and transmit them to your brain. Then your brain sends signals to tell your hand the perfect time and range to hit the ball before it goes out of the table.

As the ping pong ball flies as quick as lightning, your eyes and your hands have to coordinate smoothly to act at almost the same time. This health benefit of ping pong is called hand-eye coordination improvement, which is quite similar to mental acuity.

6. Stay Away From Bad Habits

Stay Away From Bad Habits


It goes without saying that playing a great sport will cost you a small amount of time in your day. Consequently, you will have no time for bad habits such as lying on the couch to watch TV or stick your eyes to the mobile phone’s screen for hours.

Besides, positive thinking will also prevent you from being trapped in social evils and change your life to a better side.

5. Playing Table Tennis is Socializing

In the modern world, people live in the virtual world of the Internet more than spending time together, playing ping pong is a fantastic way of bringing everybody closer to each other.

Whether you take part in a match with friends, familiars, or a strange person in a sports center or a club, all of you will definitely share enjoyable moments together.

Even when two of you have different points in ages, genders, and cultures, the game will help you connect and make friends. We dare to say that ping pong poses no social barrier in any society.

Necessarily, the relationships you are going to build with your “opponents” are positive and healthy. It is competitive but will make people friends instead of rivals to each other after a match!

4. Sharpen Your Brain

Sharpen Your Brain


Scientists have found out and proven that playing ping pong activates many areas of the human brain, particularly the alertness and awareness of players.

Plus, since the sport contains a range of aerobic exercises, it stimulates the hippocampus (the part of our brain that enables us to keep and form long run events).

A piece of good news for those who are suffering from Dementia is that consistent playing ping pong will be an effective cure for that illness. You can consider table tennis as a brain sport for improved mental and physical health, too!

3. Stress Relief

These days, most people feel stressed with all kinds of pressure in life, from relationships, jobs, schoolwork, monthly living costs, and so on.

In the long term, the high level of stress is likely to result in a weak immune system, blood pressure dysfunction, reduced heart health, and even many other serious sicknesses.

But that would be no longer your worry if you play ping pong! After a hard-working day, let’s award yourself with some nice matches of table tennis with your best friends and loving familiars. Then, all of your tiredness and depression will give way to happiness!

2. Table Tennis Improve Focus Ability and Develops Mental Acuity

The placement, speed, and the spin level of the ball are three crucial elements that all table tennis players have to monitor throughout the game.

Players have to extremely focus on every movement of the ball and the habits, playing styles, and even the most negligible tricks of their opponents.

Thereby, the game forces players to concentrate continuously, brainstorm, guess, and react as fast and precisely as possible to line up flawless hits and counter hits. Actually, you will need many tactical strategies.

1. Balance your life

As you can see, ping pong players have to rush to different positions and change directions continuously, but they never fall or feel dizzy. The key to master the game is keeping your upper and lower body parts staying balanced.

Furthermore, playing table tennis every day is an amazing method to practice your capability of keeping your body balanced not only in the game but also in other aspects of life. You will achieve both good physical shape and strong mental well-being.

Learn about the win and lose

As taking part in an incredibly competitive game, you will have to push yourself during a table tennis match. You know how great it is to try your best to get the victory, but at the same time, you are also taught never to feel desperate when you lose.


Ping pong is more than a game. It is a life-changing sport that you are always recommended to take up no matter your social status, age, and gender.

We bet that among the 10 benefits of table tennis above, there must be several health benefits of table tennis that are especially critical for you. So what are you waiting for? Take out your table tennis table, hold your racket and start a new, better life!

Brixton Johansson