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Ping pong is the games people play

The games sector has undergone substantial growth. Several factors influenced this expansion like the building of accessibility of the merchandise, new houses together with rooms and the price of those matches. Billiards is one of the fastest growing industry in the market with over 44.5 million gamers. Technical inventions of dart gear also have contributed […]

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Ping pong to Bounce into Holborn

His leisure notion wills start October, and is in discussions to websites that are additional. Bounce joins dining table and drinking with table tennis. In addition to cocktail bar and a restaurant, 17 ping pong tables will be featured by Bounce . “I really like ping pong and always have,” says Breeden, managing director of […]

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“Racquet” heard ’round the World

What will travel at speeds over 100 miles per hour and weighs 2.5 grams? No, it is not the summer mosquito on your own backyard. What game is the most popular racquet sport and is played with over 18 million Americans? No, it is not tennis. What action once listed 173″strikes” in 60 minutes? No, […]

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