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Prince Ping Pong Table: Information & Assembly Instructions

Prince’s featured products include Prince Signature 5200, Prince Tournament 6800, Price Pro Series 7500. This article summarizes the product information and assembly of these 3 products. Prince Signature 5200 Indoor Table Tennis Table Product Information Design Signature table tennis table DSG Exclusive For indoor use only Average 2-person assembly time is 60 minutes 12mm particle […]

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How to Open Kettler Ping Pong Table

Kettler Stockholm Table Tennis Table Instructions Models: K-7122-490, K-7122-890, K-7162-490, K71 Prepare Two people are needed to carry the box, because of the weight and bulk. When ready to unpack and to remove the contents from the carton, turn the carton 90 degrees from its upright position. Open the left and right ends of the […]

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Serving Rules for Ping Pong

The serving rules are specified in chapter 2.6, 2.7, 2.8 & 2.9 in the ITTF Handbook 2020, the document from the International Table Tennis Federation 2.6. THE SERVE 2.6.1. Serve shall start with the ball resting freely on the open palm of the serve’s stationary free hand. 2.6.2. The serve shall then project the ball […]

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How to Serve Ping Pong like a Pro?

Greeting, a good table tennis player will be the one with a great spins serve. I’ll give tips on how to improve your serve, some of the things that are really important. Keeping on how to serve ping pong like a pro! How to make killer serve in table tennis? One thing is that when […]

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Ping Pong Strategy for Beginners

Table tennis is an indoor and popular sport. This can be considered a safe sport because the probability of having an injury is low. Summary of the strategy of table tennis for beginners: Phase 1: Memorize table tennis rule and own basic equipment Phase 2: Master the basic techniques and form your own style of […]

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Test bảng

Name Image Type Buy #5. STIGA XTR Outdoor #5. STIGA XTR Outdoor #5. STIGA XTR Outdoor #5. STIGA XTR Outdoor #5. STIGA XTR Outdoor Name #5. STIGA XTR Image Type Outdoor Buy Name #5. STIGA XTR Image Type Outdoor Buy Name #5. STIGA XTR Image Type Outdoor Buy Name #5. STIGA XTR Image Type Outdoor […]

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STIGA Evolution Reviews

These days, table tennis seems to be increasingly indispensable to crazy fans of sports, yet prevented from going out because of social distancing. However, it may be a challenging task for beginners to choose a suitable paddle. But don’t worry, because STIGA Evolution will be your salvage! Keep reading our article to find out its […]

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STIGA Raptor Reviews

Most players will agree that your game is only as good as your paddle and if you’re looking for one to up your win rate then the STIGA Raptor could be a good option. Having been released recently by world-renown brand STIGA, The Raptor is making waves and is fast becoming a very popular ping […]

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