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Joseph Shanley

Hello everyone, my name is Joseph Shanley – a ping pong lover! I started playing this sport since I was 7 when my father bought a ping pong set for me as a birthday present. Till then, I played it any free time and still keep this habit until now.As you can see, ping pong is one of the most popular sports to play in your free time. The equipment required for this game is minimal, and it can be enjoyed at all ages which increase its popularity. But in fact, there is not too much people really know professional knowledge of this exciting sport.Knowing this situation, I always desire to share whatever I know about it and bring ping pong to any child, any person. So, this website is the first step to make my dream come true! Hope all of you enjoy it!

table tennis - ping pong

Ping pong, also known as table tennis, is a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table using small bats. No one knows clearly when it appears, who creates it or where it comes from but over years, ping pong becomes one of the most favorite sports around the world. And this website – pingpongstart.com – is established to bring this exciting game to more and more people.

Pingpongstart team consists of enthusiastic ping pong lovers who have passions to share all the knowledge they know, all the experience they get and over all, spread their love with ping pong with anyone.We care a great deal about your customer satisfaction. Your feedback is always welcome. Our goal is to make you happy enough to want to tell your friends about us!If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints or feedback of any kind, do not hesitate to contact us here or visit us on Facebook or Google + today. Thanks for visiting Pingpongstart.com!